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The Book


Films, televisions serials and novels portray sex as always being spontaneous, satisfying and exciting. For many people, this simply isn’t true, and we can easily feel ashamed and disappointed if our sex life doesn’t seem to measure up to this ideal. Sex is not always easy, and it has different seasons. Maybe it was once passionate and exciting (spring), but it has gone through being fulfilling (summer) to boring (autumn). Or something has changed radically and now it is winter.

In my book Seasons of Sex and Intimacy, I offer practical, down-to-earth information to help readers to understand their bodies and the process of arousal better and to increase their sexual enjoyment as a couple. I also provide advice about common sexual issues – including erectile dysfunction, difficulties with vaginal penetration, pain during sex, early or delayed ejaculation, and low sexual desire or arousal – and ways in which they can be treated and/or resolved, as well as examining the damaging impact of pornography. 

I have written the book for married Christian couples but my advice would be just applicable to couples who are not married but in a committed relationship, and for those of any faith or none.

Talking about sex does not happen easily for many people, even in today’s modern society - yet it is central to maintaining intimacy and happiness for many couples. This book helps to share the message that if we can acknowledge the importance of good and comfortable sex early within our relationships, then if things go wrong for whatever reason, the topic can be discussed without too much fear or embarrassment. Emma provides concise and accurate information that will allow the reader to understand the importance of attending to sexual and relationship issues early, before their impact becomes significant, and that this can be done compassionately and without blame or ridicule.
— Kevan Wylie MD FRCP FRCPsych FRCOG FRSPH FECSM Retired Professor of Sexual Medicine, Sheffield, and President of the European Federation of Sexology (2017- 2020)

This is such a sane book. In my work as a priest and in my capacity as a Vice-President of Relate in my area of NW London, I know how much couples need good honest and straightforward advice about their emotional and sexual lives. This book does the job without fuss, in plain language, and is not coy. It’s set in the context of lifelong faithful commitment in marriage – and will be helpful to those of all faiths and none.
— Pete Broadbent, Bishop of Willesden

Every couple goes through challenges in their sexual intimacy at some stage in their life and knowing where to go, to get good quality help, can be difficult. Emma’s many years of training and experience as a psychosexual therapist make that help easily accessible in this excellent book.
— Maggie Ellis, agony aunt and accredited Psychosexual Therapist

We first went to see Emma because we had been married for a year and still hadn’t been able to have sex. We were confused about what was wrong. We had grown up in environments where sex was talked about very little and knew nothing of the potential complications. The sessions with her have made such a difference to our lives. She talked to us with great gentleness, helping us to relax and discuss our problems. It was both reassuring and surprising to discover that our problems were not so exceptional. We felt so encouraged from the very first meeting. Emma worked patiently and persistently with us. Now, with a beautiful little boy, we have a great deal to thank her for! We are very glad to hear Emma has written this book. It will be a great benefit to couples.
— A couple who have benefitted from Emma’s help