Seasons of Sex & Intimacy

My new book, Seasons of Sex and Intimacy, is designed to help couples understand how to create a really good sex life together for life. Sexual difficulties are very common and affect many couples but we rarely talk about them. The book is also designed to help couple understand what these difficulties are, why they might be experiencing these and how to manage them.

The book has been written for married christian couples but having said that you do not need to be a christian to read the book. Almost all the content is practical and would be applicable to those with. Faith, no faith or indeed another faith.

Although i am myself a Christian this in no way hinders the service I offer to patients in my medical clinic. I welcome individuals and couples from all walks of life, whether they have a faith or not.

Part one of the book is relevant to everyone and includes chapters such as “How do you create a good sex life?” Part two is about managing sexual difficulties. I address all the different types of sexual dysfunction so that by the time you finish, you should have a clear idea of why you’re suffering and what you can do about it.

You’ll be empowered to know what treatments are available and where to seek help. That may involve practical steps that you can do on your own or as a couple; it may mean that you need to get help from either a medical specialist and/or a sex and relationship therapist. 

To find out how you can resolve your sexual problems and enjoy a more fulfilling sex life, order your copy of “Seasons of Sexual Health” today.